Three Evolving Wedding Trends

Evolving wedding trends are interesting to explore, but make sure you pick and choose those that reflect you for your wedding day. If you make choices based on your own personalities, style and interests, you ensure that your wedding day will be personal and authentic, allowing you to be comfortable and have a great time.

That said, here are a few things trending for weddings in our area:
1. Fashion: Bridal gowns with sleeves of all lengths are increasing in popularity, with a decreased focus on strapless gowns. Beautiful patterned chiffons and other floaty fabrics and an increase in A-line silhouettes keep things interesting, too. For bridesmaids the trend is back to long dresses, with more and more brides allowing the women to pick the bodice design that best fits them. For the men in the bridal party suits are holding strong as an alternative to traditional tuxedos, with vests and shirtsleeves being seen as a practical option on very hot summer days.

2. Flowers: Cascade bouquets are making a comeback for brides, especially for those who want a larger, lush floral accessory. The new cascades are less structured than their ’80’s counterpart, and make a great statement coming up the aisle. The use of greenery both in bouquets and table and ceremony decor arrangements continues to grow, especially in barn venues and when going for a more natural vibe.

3. Venues: Outdoor ceremonies continue to be very popular, both at barn venues and at country clubs. Single venue weddings – where the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and reception are all held in one place are definitely the wave of the future. Hotels offer the optimum single venue option with guest rooms available, too. And don’t forget transportation. Both for the convenience of guests and to ensure no one drives after too much celebrating, increasing numbers of couples are providing shuttles, trolleys or buses. This is thoughtful for out of town guests as well as a great safety precaution for everyone.

It’s great to consider wedding trends and to have new options and choices for all aspects of your wedding day. Just remember to make your selections based on your personalities and priorities and you’re sure to have a memorable day.